French yoghurt cake Thermomix recipe.




  1. My golly gosh..loved this cake, we added banana and it was brilliant! Even the electrician fitting the ceiling fans raved about it!…bravo Momo!

  2. Delicious cake, baked it in a loaf tin and added the zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange. So light and fluffy with a great crust when fresh out of the oven

  3. I made this cake using brown sugar here in Australia, cake is quite brown in color not gold like the picture Should it be raw sugar and not brown

    • Raw sugar I think is what we call caster sugar here in the UK, if so, then yes, white sugar should be used. As a matter of interest, how did it taste using brown sugar?

  4. Just added tinned peaches to this recipe – very very yummy and so easy to make. My 3yo and I had a great time making this.

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