Green salad with lemon and elderflower dressing

Garden salad with lemon and elderflower dressing – with or without a Thermomix

Garden salad with lemon and elderflower dressing.

This salad with lemon and elderflower dressing is easily halved to serve two or doubled for a crowd.

When entertaining or even cooking for my own family, I am always looking for something new and refreshing. This garden salad with lemon and elderflower dressing recipe fits the bill perfectly.

This is the perfect BBQ salad as well as a healthy vegetarian/vegan, light meal.

This salad is incredibly versatile. Add cooked beetroots, feta cheese, rice noodles, croutons, bacon bits, chicken or salmon pieces etc to the recipe and you’ll have a variety of options to suit every palate.










Like a lot of recipes on this blog, feel free to use good old pots and pans instead of a Thermomix.

The Momo touch:

  • Make the lemon and elderflower dressing in seconds.
  • Cook vegetables perfectly and crunchy every time.
  • no need to worry about forgetting pots and pans on the hob.

I am a true believer that THE SECRET of any salad is the dressing. This lemon and elderflower dressing really is what makes this salad so very special.

Mix sharp lemon juice with sweet elderflower. Coat tender asparagus, peas, and crunchy sugar snaps. This certainly is a truly divine combination.

Elderflower is very much associated with long summer’s days. It makes wonderfully, refreshing summer drinks.

Did you know that the cordial can have many other uses? It also makes a stunning lemon and elderflower dressing (or vinaigrette as we like to call salad dressing in France).

This simple, yet delicious green salad with lemon and elderflower dressing, is perfect for preparing the night before for tomorrow’s lunch – just keep the dressing and the vegetables separate until the last minute.

Enjoy x

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